EMail Self-Help

How do I renew my email account?

To renew your Easily email account, please follow the instructions below.

1/ Login to My Account

2/ Click on ‘You have 2 hosting/email accounts ready to renew

how do i renew my email account 1

3/ You will then have the option to renew your hosting package.

how do i renew my email account 2

4/ The email account will appear in your basket

How do I reset my email password?

To reset your email account password, please follow the guide below.

1.       Go to
2.       In the top right corner please click on the “My Account” button and then login.

how do i reset my email password
3.       Click D to “Administer My Domain Names”
4.       You will be presented with a screen showing all your domain names
5.       To the right of the relevant domain click the E to “Administer Email”

6.       Now click “Reset password” next to the email address you wish to reset the password for

how do i setup email forwarding
7.       An email will now be sent to the contact email address for your account with the account details for this email account
8.       Once you have the details you are free to log in to your Easily mail account

The password reset takes up to 1 hour to take effect.


How do I assign my email account

To setup your Email account you will need to first assign the account to a domain name and create the email address you wish to use.  Please follow the instructions below.

1. Login to My Account and click on D to administer your domain names, then E alongside the domain you wish to set up the email account for.

how do i assign my account

2. You will be shown a list of all the unassigned Email accounts that are in your account. Choose one and tick the box to the left of the account description. Enter the address you wish to set up (e.g. in the box below the description and click “Save”.

3. Click on the “OK” to confirm the assignment. Note that once an Email account has been assigned, it cannot be changed by yourself. A support request will need to be sent in to do the change.

4. Once you have clicked “OK” the assignment process will begin. You will then receive a confirmation email which will include your server and login details within a few minutes.

Where do I set up email forwarding?

You can configure up to 20 email forwarding addresses (aliases) for any domain names you have registered with or transferred to Easily.  To set up email forwarding please follow the instructions below.

Log into My Account. Click on (d)

Administer domain names

to administer your domain names, then (e) to administer email next to the domain name you wish to set up.

Administer emails


You will see a form which allows you to specify the forwarding aliases and the email address you want each alias to forward to. For example, if your domain is, then you can create to be forwarded to To do this, enter “user” under the ‘Alias’ column and the complete email address “” under the ‘Redirect to’ column.

email forwarding

For additional email forwards, click the Add button under the last email forward you have put in place.
Please note – line 1 in the email forwarding section (with alias “Catch-all“) is the default forwarding address, which is a catch-all for all mail sent to the domain name that is not governed by the aliases specified in lines 2-20. To help cut down on spam email you can set your catch-all to

Please allow up to 4 hours for any changes you make to take effect

Where do I see my email disk space usage?

You can see your disk space usage by logging into the my account area and the clicking on ‘Click here to review data transfer quotas’. This will show you the current disk space left for all your email accounts.

where do i see my email disk space usage

What are the incoming and outgoing server settings?

The server settings for email accounts are as below


Incoming server-

Outgoing Server-


Please note that the outgoing server will require authentication. The authentication used is the same login details as the incoming server.

How to upgrade my email account?

To perform the upgrade, go to My Account, the D to administer your domain names and click on the E to administer your email accounts. This will take you to a list of all your email accounts, showing the amount of disk space currently being used by each account. Click on Upgrade next to the account you wish to upgrade. Select the preferred account and click “Add to Basket”. When you are ready to proceed, click on “Make Purchase” and enter your payment details. Once your payment has been processed, the upgrade process will begin.

The upgrade price you will charged will be determined by a pro-rata calculation of the price difference between your existing product and the new product based on the number of months left until the renewal rate of your existing product.

How to change my email address name?

In order to change the email address we will need you to send a support request via the ‘my account’ area. Alternatively you can send us an email. However we will need you to confirm your account username and the answer to the secret question on the account. We will also need you to confirm that you understand that all emails will be deleted when we do the change.

How to set your email up on outlook 2011

  1. Open Outlook and then click Outlook
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Click on Accounts
  4. Click on Email account
  5. Enter in your details and then click Add Account (the POP and IMAP details are exactly the same so you can select POP from Type if you so wish)
  6. Click on the More Options button under the Outgoing Server section
  7. From the menu, select Use Incoming Server Info
  8. Click on Ok
  9. Click on the red button in the top left corner to close the window and begin using your account in Outlook 2011!

How to set your email up on windows live mail 2011

Windows Live Mail 2011 setup guide

  1. With Windows Live Mail, click on Accounts
    2. From there, click on Email
    3. Fill in your email address, password, name, tick the box “Manually configure server settings” and then click Next
    4. Ensure POP is selected under server type, type in your incoming mail server, your username, the outgoing server, change the outgoing port to 1025 and click Next
    5. Click Finish and you are ready to user your account!

How to set your email up on Mozilla thunderbird

The following is a guide on how to set up your email in Mozilla Thunderbird:

Firstly, check the version of Thunderbird by clicking on Thunderbird and then About Thunderbird. It will display the version in the next window that appears.

  1. Click on Tools and then Account Settings
  2. Click on Account Actions and then Add Mail Account
  3. Enter your name, email address and password and click Continue
  4. You will encounter the following screen
  5. Change the username, incoming and outgoing mail servers with POP selected for incoming and ensuring the options at the end are set to None and click Re-test configuration
  6. On the next screen, you will see the orange buttons to the left of the incoming and outgoing server so click Continue
  7. On this screen, tick I understand the risks and click Create Account
  8. Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) and then Edit to the right of the table
  9. Set the port to 1025, Connection Security to None, authentication Method to Password, transmitted insecurely, enter your username and click OK and then OK again to begin using your account

How to set your email up on an iPhone

  1. On the Home Screen, tap the Mail icon
    2. Scroll down to, and tap, Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    3. Select Add Account
    4. Select Add Mail Account
    5. Type in your name, email address, password and tap Next
    6. Select IMAP,  type in the incoming mail server, username and password, and also outgoing mail server, username and password and tap Next
    7. Tap Yes on both of the screens that appear advising on not being able to connect using SSL
    8. Leave the settings as they are and tap Save
    9. Tap the newly created account
    10. Tap Account Info
    11. Ensure the settings are correct and then tap the Outgoing Mail Server entry at the bottom
    12. Tap on the Primary Server entry
    13. Ensure Use SSL is Off, Authentication is Password, the port is 1025, tap Done and then hit the Home button to begin using your account

How do I adjust my spam filter settings?

Easily has introduced spam filtering functionality, at no additional charge, for all customers using email forwarding and EasilyMail email accounts, which will allow you to manage the level of spam you receive into your inbox.

If spam filtering is enabled for a domain name, our system will analyse each incoming email and assign it a score based on a number of parameters that help to identify whether or not the email should be identified as spam. If an email scores above the sensitivity setting then it is identified as spam and will not be delivered to your mailbox.

The sensitivity setting range is from 1.0 to 15.0. The recommended setting is 5.0.

– a lower sensitivity setting will result in more email being tagged as spam and may therefore result in legitimate email being blocked.
– a higher sensitivity setting will result in less email being tagged as spam and may therefore allow more spam to get through but should not block any legitimate email.

The spam filtering functionality is accessed through the Control Panel. Click on (D) to administer your domain names then (E) to administer email next to the domain name to be managed. The current Spam filtering settings will then be displayed below the email forwarding settings, as follows:

Spam filter settings for domainname: 5.0

how do i adjust my spam filter settings

The number indicates the sensitivity setting that is current for that domain name. If the spam filtering is disabled, it will display “Off”. To enable spam filtering or to modify the sensitivity setting, click on the “Modify” button.